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Could this be a serious form of skin cancer?

i was looking at a site about skin cancer and it made me decide to check myself, i noticed to asymmetrical black/dark brown spots on my upper thigh and a new mole on the back of my neck and shoulder, they are both less than a cm but im still wondering how serious it could be, i keep reading melanoma is "not serious if caught early" but how early is early? i just found them but i think the one on my neck has been there for about a year and i didnt think anything of it til now, i have a dr appointment but just want to get some ideas of what to expect if its bad news

Could this be a serious form of skin cancer?
as far as i know, usually they are the size of a pencil eraser, or bigger, however, smaller ones are becoming more common. think of your lifestyle(religious sunbather) and if youve been prone to moles and skin spots your whole life, and no matter what, go see your dr asap. better safe than sorry. early is what you describe, when you find a new mole or one that changes shape, color, texture, im just not sure how fast it progresses sorry.
Reply:Probably NOTHING...most moles are not cancerous. I had squamous cel cancer...2nd leading cause of death in america (7 yrs ago). I think I had mine for at least a yr and didn't know it! The doctor cut it out and I've been cancer free ever since! good luck!
Reply:Yes, it may be serious, but you are doing exactly what you should be doing. Seeking professional help (dermatologist) as soon as possible. Good for you.

It may not be serious but only an exam can tell you that, no one of us on the computer can determine that.

I'm 76, have had all three forms of skin cancer, melanoma the worst kind, found on my chest over 4 years ago, had it removed surgically and here i am still kicking!

Keep checking those moles, don't worry needlessly and GOOD LUCK from one who has been there.
Reply:If it IS cancer, it doesn't sound that serious yet. Go to the doctor if you want to know.

Why has Mederma irritated my skin?

I've been using mederma for about 4 days now and today I discovered that the skin around my scar is a little irritated(red). If I stop using Mederma, will it go away. I has a mole removement over my lip and really don't like the scar at all. My folks say thats unoticeable but it is to me. Any advice is much appreciated.

Why has Mederma irritated my skin?
This is actually common, my husband was burned about a year ago and was using Neosporin (which is very similar to mederma) religiously and his skin became irritated, his plastic surgeon told him to continue use for another week until it became unbearable then to discontinue use and put a lotion on to soothe the irritation.
Reply:When I use a lotion I am allergic to, it takes using it 3-5 days before I start breaking out. My guess is that you are allergic to the lotion. Since the lotion is throughout the layers of skin, it will take a week or more for the reaction to stop.


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A question about possible skin cancer?

I had a mole for a while and recently it's been itchy and it changed colors (it was dark brown and now it's almost skin color n) and I also developed a rash all around it that looks like eczema. What's going on?

A question about possible skin cancer?
it sounds like you think it's skin cancer. it could be a rash darling, so don't fret yet. in any case, you should see a dermatologist (go ask your family doctor to refer you to one) and get some ointment at the least.
Reply:You should probably see the dermatologist to make sure its not cancerous.
Reply:The change of color and itchiness are signs it may be skin cancer. The only way to know for sure is a trip to the dermatologist. Sooner than later would be better. Good luck.

Is this possibly skin cancer?

I have previously had a couple serious sunburns that have caused blisters, one time very large blisters. Recently, I have noticed an old mole near the area of the sunburns has a white mark near the center and has started to have some tenderness. I have talked to some people, none of them medical professionals, and they say the only reason it is tender is because I have been feeling it. Could these be symptoms of skin cancer?

Is this possibly skin cancer?
when it is a different color as the skin around it, that can be a warning sign of cancer.

doesn't have to be.

but best to get it checked by a MD ASAP.
Reply:You should consult your doctor. It's much better to be safe than sorry. The sooner you get that taken care of (if it's cancerous) the better because it can be quickly and more easily removed.
Reply:Doctor, NOW!
Reply:Why do you always ask friends and strangers instead of the professional in the business of medicine..Is it because you have a problem with facing the truth..

Why wait any longer.. Go see your doctor . . . before it is too late.
Reply:umm, i sugest a doctor or a dermatologist appointment soon. my grandma died from cancer because she didnt take care of it until it was too late. so plz dont wait. first thing in the morning make an appointment.

good luck!!
Reply:Any changes in skin should be looked at by an MD. It's always better safe than sorry. And every time u get sunburned you increase your chances for skin cancer. Enjoy the sun moderatley and use a sunscreen to prevent burns.
Reply:I'm not a doctor, but just to be on the safe side , go to one ASAP.
Reply:See a dermatologist. They'll be able to assess your risk based on a lot of factors (genetics, sun history, etc) and they'll inspect the mole. If it's suspicious, it'll be biopsied. Otherwise, it'll be measured and photographed for comparison at your next check-up. Please do this soon - melanoma is one of the deadliest forms of cancer primarily because it's hard to catch it early.
Reply:see a doctor now...better be sure it's nothing to worry about
Reply:You could have melanoma. It can become deadly. Have it checked out now.
Reply:Be careful not to get sunburns but yes, you should seek a professional for an exam. It doesn't hurt. Stay safe
Reply:Theproblem is most of the time there are no symptoms of skin cancer. You should go in andlet a dermatologist look at it.

Do I have skin cancer?

I have a small mole on my arm and it is a greenish color. I've had it for as long as I can remember. Could it be skin cancer? Maybe a vein under it or something?

Do I have skin cancer?
Have your MD take a look at the mole. If it has always been like this, it is likely fine. If you suddenly notice any change in a mole or a new mole appears just be cautious and go see your MD. It's never to cautious to be on top of these things.

If you think it's the same shape and color as always just bring it up at your next appointment with the MD. If you are worried call.
Reply:i hope.... lol jk. go to the doctor. and ask them. im guessing its a vein.
Reply:of course you don't have skin cancer .don't worry.just go visit an doctor.
Reply:get tested and ask for a bioptsie.
Reply:Well at first when I read 'greenish color' I was a bit alarmed and thought it might be something... but when you said you've had it as long as you can remember... that is highly unlikely to be cancerous... Generally cancer happens when the cells mutate and grow out of control, which causes visual changes to a mole.... if its never changed or grown noticeably larger, then i wouldnt worry. And as far as the green color.... i have no idea... do you have olive colored skin by any chance?
Reply:Just a harmless mole, has it grown in size ? if no forget about it, enjoy life. Do not get depressed unnecessarily. Good luck.
Reply:I'm pretty sure the answer is not, but to have a complete peace of mind: make an appointment %26amp; see your GP.
Reply:If you have had it for as long as you can remember then it certainly is not skin cancer.Go to the doctor and ask if it is possible to have it removed if it bothers you so much.
Reply:you need to have your doctor do a biopsy, we cant tell you if you have cancer or not.
Reply:I had one on a foot sole years ago and my mother to go to the Doctor because she said it could be dangerours, it seems that is not good something in that place. I went to the Doctor they took my mole out and cheeked it. Nothing to be worried about it was nothing just a mole. But I felt relieved. So my advise is....Get rid of the mole!! There´s not pain, they

anesthetize the zone and you´re gonna fell relieved.

Good Luck!!

I have a lot of beauty marks, and a mole since i was young. Are these signs of skin cancer?

As long as they don't get bigger or change shape there is nothing to worry about, it's normal and common to be born with beauty marks and moles.


Skin cancer?

I have this mole on my side that I've had for as long as I can remember. Recently, it appears to have been growing slightly. It's growing outward off my body and not spreading like I thought it might. Could this be a sign of skin cancer?

Skin cancer?
Maybe, you should get it checked as soon as possiable just to be sure what it is.
Reply:i no no but i like the name jimmy.go to the doctor,no matter wht ne one tells you on here i'd still go to the doc
Reply:Probably not - however we are not medical professionals and as such you should NOT rely on our "opinions" because that is what they are - NOT medical advice.

Go see your doctor and have it evaluated by a trained professional!
Reply:Please get this checked as soon as possible. Malignant melanoma spreads fast if it is that.
Reply:Moles do grow or increase in size sometimes. I, though, do have skin cancer, I am 33 and you NEVER know what it may look like. The 4 times I have had areas surgically removed from my body, they looked like teeny-tiny harmless freckle that EVERYBODY has, not even raised off the skin. Thank goodness I rushed to the doctor for something that looked not much more that a little bug bite, that the doctor was able to find each of these and remove them. It's really very simple, takes only a few minutes, and pretty painless. Go see a dermatologist right away, don't be scared. You will feel so much better after you have. Good luck, you'll be OK.
Reply:run to the dr now...

i had a freckle start to grow...

i mentioned it to my dr who had me see a surgeon in a month...

the surgeon took one look at the freckle turned mole and said he had to cut it out immediately ...

he removed it and send it away for testing...

it came back the most dangerous type of melanoma...

i have since had node biopsies and a neck dissection......

i am 32 and cancer free...

go to the dr....

in the mean while... look into what i was told to do by other cancer survivors....

I was told to give up dairy,

take vitamin c,

take flax oil pills,

buy organic foods,

use natural products to wash your clothes,

your hair,

eat organic meat,

use non flouridated toothpaste,

rid your kitchen of anything plastic that might touch food....

use a cast iron frying pan....

take hot showers and scrub skin with a softbrush

use a sauna if you can....


research immunizations and the risks....

we are avoiding sun screen (the chemicals in it)

I was diagnosed with skin cancer a year ago and have made tons of changes...

you can email me at:
Reply:Try this site on cancer related topics. It is very informative.